Throughout the year, St Joseph’s hosts our local Preschools. The children participate in a range of activities during their visits which provide opportunities for them to experience life at ‘big school.’

In term 4 students who are enrolled to attend St Josephs the following year, attend a number of transition days where they become familiar with their Kindergarten teacher and with the daily routines associated with attending Kindergarten. We have an amazing Buddy System in place to ensure that our senior students support the needs of the new Kinders so that they feel comfortable and positive about attending our school.

Enrolments for children in all grades are accepted throughout the year depending on class sizes and structures. At the time of seeking an application for enrolment, an appointment can be made to speak to the principal and have a tour of our school facilities.


  • 1st Child $330
  • 2nd Child $231
  • 3rd Child $165
  • 4th Child $82.50